Purpose of Muthamizh Murugan International Conference

Worship of Lord Muruga is being carried out magnificently in countries around the world. It is observed as a unique form of worship in nations such as India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Australia, Mauritius, England, the United States, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and Indonesia. Therefore, the Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department has organized this conference to bring together Muruga devotees and thinkers from across the globe.

Many have praised Lord Muruga, from Nakkeerar, Kumaragurubarar, and Arunagirinathar to Valliappan. Numerous philosophies, stories, and legends about Muruga circulate throughout the country. The ancient Tamils, who first recognized the greatness of Muruga and worshipped him as a youthful and beautiful deity, aimed to research and establish this tradition. To unite Muruga devotees worldwide, Muthamizh Murugan International Conference – 2024 will be held on 24.08.2024 & 25.08.2024 in Palani for two days.

Objectives of the Conference

1. To spread the core principles of Murugan worshipped globally.
2. To enable everyone to easily understand the philosophical doctrines of Murugan to attain divine bliss.
3. To unite the devotees of Murugan on a global scale.
4. To propagate the valuable gems of Murugan worship drawn from Puranas, Literature, Thirumurais, and Shaiva Siddhanta scriptures to the world.
5. To instil the renowned Murugan doctrines of the precious heritage in the minds of the youth, paving the way for a prosperous and harmonious divine world.

Highlights of the Palani Temple, the Venue of the Conference

Palani, the distinguished site where the conference is being held, is known for several reasons:

– Thiru Avinankudi is the third abode of Lord Murugan, revered as the God of Muthamizh.

– Arunagirinathar also revealed that Agathiyar worships Murugan with exquisite Tamil hymns twice daily.

– The Palani Thiruppugazh refers to Murugan as the “Lord who grants blessings upon hearing Tamil songs.”

– Palani hill is the place where “Bogar” built a temple and worshipped Lord Murugan in Tamil. So, it is the ideal place to host the Muthamizh Murugan International Conference 2024

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