Key Topics for Paper Presentation

  • Worship of Lord Muruga worldwide
  • Lord Murugan in different states of India
  • Worship of Seyon in Sangam literature and Murugan in later literature.
  • Murugavel in epigraphies.
  • Worship of Lord Muruga in Vedic tradition and Tamil tradition.
  • The Siddhargal Thalivan, Senthamizh Murugan
  • Worship of Lord Muruga in folk rituals.
  • SeiThondar Puranam and Murugan Adiyars in various literatures
  • Lord Murugan as aspected in Vedic Literature.
  • Murugans and Muthamizhs
  • Important information, details on Thiruppani etc, about Murugan saints

For the kind attention of Presenters, they may have a wider research in one or more of the following topics for submitting the articles.

  • Data on various unknown Adiyars, Literature and artworks which help in the development of Muruga cult, can be a topic.
  • Kalidasa’s Kumarasambavam, Adisankara’s Subramanya Pujangam, Sanskrit Skaandham along with Murugan literature in Tamil can be linked and articles may be submitted.
  • Thanigai Sengalvarayanar, Thirumuruga Kirupananda Variyar, who spread Thirupugazh among the devotees of Muruga, can be dealt with, in the article.
  • Murugan Adiyars like Pithukuli Murugadoss and Dilli Ira gavan Gurujee can be explained in the article.
  • One can also write about the various patrons such as Santo Chinnappadevar, who helped in construction of Murugan temples.
  • Articles can also be written about ardent Murugan Devotees.
  • Writers, spiritual leaders like Vannacharabam Thandapani Swamigal, Chidambaram Swamigal, Kumaraguruparar, Ki.Va.Jagannathan , Kandaswamy Swamigal etc., who did Thirumurugan Tirupani through articles, discourses etc, can be registered.
  • Links between music and Murugan, artistic and intricate sculptures about Murugan, Valli marriage, Kavadiyaattams, Kuratthi dances and Vetuvargal Veriyaatam can be registered.

International Muthamizh Murugan Conference-2024
Guidelines for Presenters

  • For this conference, held under the theme of the International Muthamizh Murugan Conference 2024, only research papers related to Murugan will be accepted.
  • The papers should not exceed 6 pages. The page size should be A4 with a line spacing of 1.5 and a font size of 12.
  • Papers can be in Tamil or English and should be in a word file format.
  • The papers should be in Tamil Unicode font and in English Times New Roman font.
  • References, citations, and explanations in the paper should be according to research methodology.
  • The front page of the paper should include the paper title, author names, and qualifications. Required details include – Name, Address, Institution, Passport Number, Contact Number, E-Mail Address.
  • The last date for the full paper submission along with synopsis via online is 10.07.2024.
  • The paper must include the email address, mobile number, WhatsApp number, and a Passport-size photograph.
  • Only selected authors will be allowed to participate without a registration fee. Information regarding the selection of the paper will be communicated to the authors by later.
  • For Further information, Kindly contact
    – Dr. Vasuki- +91 96989 38862
    – Dr. Tamizhiarasi- +91 90950 32564
    – Dr. J Sasikumar – +91 94986 65116
    – Dr. S. Karthikeyan – +91 7397521683
    – Dr. M. Meenakshi Sundaram – +91 7010408481
  • – Email Id-
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